Host the Best 21st your Guests Have Been To in Geelong

Hosting a party can be stressful no matter what it is for. But when it is your 21st, we understand that the pressure to throw a party that keeps every age group smiling all night can be overwhelming. Your grandma is coming, your 10-year-old cousin, your work colleagues and probably everyone from your uni class.

After securing the best function centre in Geelong, you need to plan the actual party. Here are three things to think about when planning your 21st that show you have considered the happiness of every guest.

Accommodate for the non drinkers

Parties, by nature, provide a fun filled environment for all that attend, especially when there everyone is enjoying a few perfectly made espresso martinis. However, it is thoughtful to remember that not everybody will indulge in a light alcohol induced buzz. When planning your 21st, or any event for that matter, you need to remember to consider those who are designated drivers, mums to be, or just not big drinkers.

Often, those who don’t drink are overlooked and are left with a cup of water to satisfy their thirst. A clever way to make them feel thought for, is by offering a virgin punch or some fun and fruity mocktails. Not only will these options excite alcohol avoiding taste buds, but will also allow non drinkers to participate in the psychological social act of drinking.

The Grovedale Hotel teams from each of our function venues would all happily work with you to tweak your bar lists in order to properly accommodate all of the thirst quenching desires your guests will have.


A DJ for the ages

Haven’t you heard? Disco is trending baby! And no, your uncle who refuses to let go of the 80’s didn’t force us to write that, although he is very grateful that we did. When hosting a 21st in a function centre, you will have a designated area of the party that will be for dancing. Function venues often run events in a chronological order that starts the night with food and builds everyone up to a big dance party until the function centre closes.

The liveliness and of your party is dependent on how many people you can get to fill the function venues dance floor. To fill a dance floor you need dance floor filling songs. Your mum wants to dance too, and she’s more likely to get her friends to join her when dancing to ABBA instead of a Taylor Swift break up song or something heavy metal.

Make sure when booking a DJ, you work together to create a playlist that will play music that will get everyone singing, dancing and praising the loving the fact that you were born so that this party could happen. The playlist should include all of your favorite party songs and then something to please the crowd as well.

Space to eat, dance and sit

When booking a function centre with the Grovedale Hotel, you can rest easy knowing the venue will be set out to perfectly accommodate every guest’s needs. Regardless of the

function venue you choose for your event, the centre set up will encourage your guests to eat, mingle and dance. There will also be areas where those who don’t have the energy of a ripe 21-year-old can relax and enjoy the party from the comfort of well-placed seating.

The Grovedale Hotel strives to provide the best function centre in Geelong. With five different function venues to choose from, you’ll be able to plan and throw the perfect party that is uniquely tailored to your guest and you.

For booking information, room availability and price lists submit an enquiry with our function room Geelong specialists or contact us today