Host Your Event Your Way at the Grovedale Hotel Function Venue

Just because you want to hire a function venue for your next event doesn’t mean you need to have a cookie-cutter, run of the mill function. 

When you hire a function room at the Grovedale Hotel, we want you to make the room your own. From customisable menus to decorations, we want you to personalise your function room and event as much as possible. 

Customisable Menus 

Nothing screams ‘perfect party’ like the perfect food. How many times have you scouted a function room for the kitchen door, only to stand next to it to be first served? Too many times to count? Same. 

Our first food option is roaming platters full of delicious hot and cold foods. Forget sausage rolls and party pies- we aren’t that kind of venue. Picture instead pork belly and slaw sliders, Mac ’n’ cheese croquettes, popcorn chicken or salt and pepper cones, crumbed camembert… are you salivating too or is it just us? There are over 20 hot, cold and sweet gourmet options to choose from, which may make this the hardest part of function planning. 

If your function is more formal and you’re planning a sit-down dinner our two and three-course menu is sure to impress. Choose from 18 plates including smoked salmon tarts, antipasto platters and oven-baked fish serviced with dill cream sauce and champaign. 

You might need to put ‘we recommend stretchy clothes’ as a fine print on your invites. 

Choose Your Drinks 

Our function venue beverage list is as extensive as it is impressive. You can customise your drink package exactly the way you want it.

Choosing the Grovedale Hotel as your hired function venue will give you the option of over 100 wines and 90 spirts that are both local and from around the world. 

The Grovedale also has a massive variety of local, imported and craft beers by the bottle and on tap. We are the only hotel in regional Victoria that has Carlton Draught fresh and unpasteurised copper tank beer on tap which is always a big bonus for you and your guests. 

If you’re feeling super fancy, add one or more of our famously tasty cocktails onto your bar tab and go down in the history books as best function ever- it’s completely up to you.  

All you have to do is choose the drinks you want, set a tab limit and you’re ready to start sipping all night long.


Whether you want a DJ, a band or just your iPod plugged in, just let us know before the date and we can make the necessary equipment and space arrangements. 

With the Grovedale Hotel’s function room hire you are also privy to microphones, projectors and LCD TVs and HD screens. 


You are more than welcome to provide your own cake for the function. Alternatively, our chefs can bake custom made and designed desserts and cakes. Either way, let’s all eat cake! 

Bringing your own cake will incur a $5 cake-age charge per person. 


Dreaming of an underwater theme? Perhaps you are hoping for pastel balloons and a doughnut wall, or your entire party must be in black and white. Whatever your decoration choice, we are more than happy to sit back and let you decorate however you want. Please, no glitter and confetti! 

Are you ready to get your party started? 

Before you make a function room booking download our Function Room Guidebook . For booking information, room availability and price lists submit an enquiry with our function room specialists in Geelong or contact us today.