How to Choose the Right Function Centre for your Geelong Event

Finding the perfect venue or function centre for your event can be overwhelming, to say the least. But lucky for you, here at The Grovedale, in Geelong, we’re going to take you through some tried and tested ways to shortlist your options and decide on the ultimate function room hire for your next event in Geelong.

Establish a budget for your function centre

Unless you’ve been granted an astronomical budget, chances are you will have a finite supply of cash which means you’re going to have to establish an ideal budget early on in your function room hire search. You will need to break this budget down into that for the function centre as well as for the other necessities. Each decision you make about your event will, for the most part, be dictated by your budget. It’s easy to overspend on complete function hire and other party must-haves if you don’t keep your budget in mind.

What must your function room hire have?

First things first, understand and write down what you absolutely must have for a successful event in your Geelong function centre. Then identify what would be great to have, but what you could realistically go on without, for example, whilst it’d be nice to have a function centre with an ocean view it may not be completely necessary.

Do Research to find the best Function Centre in Geelong

Research is your not-so-secret weapon for finding great function room hire in Geelong. Don’t just hire a complete function centre you’re familiar with or one that’s closest to your house, find new websites or visit a blog that has rounded up the best function room hire in Geelong. This will save you time and get you closer to your ideal function centre.

Prioritise site visits to the function centre

A picture may tell a thousand words, but it will almost never tell the whole story. Once you’ve narrowed down your function room hire search to a couple of venues in Geelong, try and visit each site to understand more about the space. Avenue may have great photos online but when you visit the space it’s a lot smaller and more stuffy than the images. Similarly, you may be surprised by the view or charm of a complete function hire that showed poorly online. You can swing by The Grovedale hotel here in Geelong at any time to get a feel for each one of our function rooms for hire.

 Trust your instincts

When you view your potential Geelong function centre pay attention to how the team and staff respond to you. Do your phone calls and messages get answered? Are the function centre staff open and easy to work with? Choose a function room that wants to help you create a successful event.

Understand what’s included in complete function hire

Not all venues are created equal. Function room hire and its inclusions can vary wildly in Geelong so it’s important to know what is included when they say ‘complete function hire’, and what is left out. Make sure AV is included like it is at The Grovedale and be open with the potential function room hire staff so there are no surprises at the end.

With these few pointers, you should be on the way to selecting the perfect complete function hire for your next event. Explore our function venues and room hire options at The Grovedale.