Transform your Hired Function Room into your Dream Location

Whether it be for your birthday, wedding reception or company awards night, hosting an event is always made easier by hiring a function room. The catering is provided, buying drinks is not for you to stress over and someone else will clean up at the end of the night.

With the budget, accessibility and availability to consider hosting an event in a function centre can sometimes be frustrating when you have a particular idea and image of how you want your event to look. The Grovedale Hotel Geelong offers 6 different function rooms and spaces for hire which gives you the chance to pick the space that best matches your dream vision and understand that you need to bring your own flare to make the dream come to life. Here are some tips on how to make the best of your function room hire.

Find an existing aspect of the function room you love and build on it

It is important to work with what the function room offers, instead of trying to overrule pre-existing designs and features. If the function room you have decided to hire has brass lights and wooden features in its structure, your decorations should work together with the pre-existing theme. For example, to match with brass and wood, you could have leafy green centrepieces, which compliment the modern earthiness of brass and wood. If the function room had a red feature wall and a carpet to match, it would be a mistake to decorate the room with green-themed furniture and decorations as it would be working against the space, resulting in a messy looking event.

Manipulate the structure of the room to best suit you

Perhaps your chosen function room has floor to ceiling windows along one wall boasting natural light and a gorgeous view which would be greatly appreciated by guests were they given the chance to enjoy it. Tables could be set up in a way that ensures no guest has their back to the window. The windows can also be used to cast natural light over a photo station, whether it be a photo booth or photo wall. If you were hoping for a dance floor but there isn’t one defined in the room, use the furniture to create different zones within the space by placing tables and chairs to one side, and lounging seats close to where you would like people to mingle.

Small details go a long way

Adding unique and small touches will make the function room you hired feel more like your own space. Details like fairy lights can add an air of magic and romance to any room while providing inexpensive mood lighting. Alternatively, install some coloured lights to manipulate the colour scheme of the function centre. Underwater theme? Why not use some blue lights to set the scene.

Fill blank walls and empty space with some string, wooden pegs and a collection of your favourite memories. You can create a photo wall feature which will personalise and decorate your function room. Family members and friends can enjoy looking at the photos you select, while the display adds a touch of colour and personality to the area.

Table centrepieces are a great way to decorate your function room as they add a dynamic aesthetic to an otherwise bare table setting. From balloons to flowers to tree branches, candles or a combination of the lot, centrepieces are stylish and can really add to the uniqueness of your event in any function room.

To discuss your function room hire needs, contact the Grovedale Hotel Geelong to get a quote based around your events unique needs.