Why You Should Host your Next Business Event in a Function Room

You wouldn’t want a bunch of strangers setting up laptops in your backyard, and it’s safe to assume you wouldn’t want to invite those same strangers into your workplace either. Hiring a function centre means you can keep your office clean and ready for the next day while impressing all your guests with the professionalism of a well-presented function room.

Choose the Function Room For You

From a conference of 200 to an intimate gathering of 15, to a networking event of 50, there is a function room to suit your exact needs when you decide on function room hire.

At the Grovedale Hotel, we have multiple complete function hire options to choose from. For intimate private functions, the Library is a secluded function room that can be made very cozy with its own bar, audio input, microphone and projector screen. This function room is perfect for any team outing, small conference or intimate Geelong business affair.

Alternatively, the Terrace has its own bar and entertainment system including microphones and LCD tv’s, perfect for motivational conferences and information sessions for large groups.


If you are hosting a meeting of 10, or a conference of 100 food is always a must. Whether you are offering dinner, lunch or canapés the promise for food often is the push attendees need to show up to your event with a smile. You want to thank your guests for attending by offering snacks and entice them to mingle over canapés.

Don’t underestimate the power of food as an incentive. We have all been victims of a fuzzy hungry brain and a hangry attitude at some point in our careers. Having a team of function room staff working to keep your guests fed and happy will work to your events advantage.

Alongside food catering services comes the option to serve alcohol. A big plus side of hosting an event in a function centre is liquor licensing and bar staff. Nothing gets a networking event flowing and filled to capacities like the promise of food and drink.


Have Function Centre Staff on Your Side

As with any business venture, you would expect your colleagues to pitch in to ensure that it all runs smoothly. When using a complete function hire centre you hire essentially hire new staff as well. Function centre staff that can relieve the pressure from your team and yourself.

Our function room staff will work behind the scenes and on the floor to ensure your event runs without a hiccup while your colleagues can immerse themselves completely in networking or the information that is being presented.

The best bit about function room hire staff? You and your team can spend the hours after your event is over debriefing on new networks and information instead of worrying about cleaning up. This way everyone can benefit from the seamlessness of hiring a function centre for your next business event.

To get a quote or simply enquire about The Grovedale Hotel’s complete function hire options for business events contact us through our drop down form here, or call us on (03) 5243 2814 today.