Why Your Corporate Holiday Celebrations Should Be In a Function Centre

The silly season is fast approaching and what better way to get in the right spirit for the holidays than to celebrate with a party with the team you have worked hard alongside all year. 

This year, instead of hosting your corporate holiday celebrations in your Geelong office complex or local bar, opt for one of the function rooms of Grovedale Hotel function centre that come complete with a private bar, catering, presentation facilities and the added bonus of stress-free hosting. 

If you need to nod your office administrator, boss or self in the right direction for your office end of year celebrations then read our list on how your team would benefit if you hire a function room.


Your team will stay together

How many times have you been apart of office plans to go to a bar only for them to dwindle and disperse within the first two hours? Have you ever seen anyone rush to leave early from a fully catered event? 

If hosted in a function centre room of your choice, the office holiday celebrations will last all night. Your team will want to stay in the function room to enjoy the bar tab, finger foods and entertainment that has been provided for them.

No interruptions, no strangers

By hiring a function room, you have complete control over how your night runs. There will be no strangers crashing your tables or stealing finger foods, no one interrupting speeches and you will have control over the music and flow of the night because it is your teams night in your teams hired function room.


Stress-free hosting

Everybody knows that planning an event is the most stressful part of event planning. You need to worry about catering to all diet types, buying enough food and drink, hiring furniture or hiding your own, cleaning the function room the day before and the day after the event- the list can go on. 

All of these stresses suddenly vanish when you hire a room in a function centre for your event. Your venue hosts will guide you through food and drink choices and will ensure that the evening will run smoothly without requiring much effort from you at all. After all, when you hire a function room you get the complete team of the entire centre.

A personalised event

With a function room under your control, the music, food and atmosphere are under your control. You can dim the lights when its time to dance and accommodate to networking while the food is coming out with lower volumed music. You have the opportunity to host speeches and slideshows without needing to yell over the loud chatter of a public bar or restaurant space. At the Grovedale Hotel, the space you hire is yours to control.


A professional evening for professionals, run by professionals

When you hire a room in the Grovedale Hotel’s function centre you aren’t just hiring a dancefloor and a bar. You are hiring a team of professionally trained staff to run your event to the highest possible standard. In the hands of dedicated waitresses, bartenders and venue managers your team get to take a night off while we look after them. 

If you’re looking to book a room for a function this holiday season be sure to get in quick to avoid disappointment. Contact us to get a quote on one of our function rooms in Geelong or submit an enquiry here or you can make a booking through our bookings page.